And it was a great one!

I finally feel familiarized with my metal detector.  So I headed out for my first two days of “real” hunting yesterday and today.

I was hunting a small church yard (a relatively new building – 1950’s maybe) and the next-door house (World War II era construction). I hit a huge signal on the property line, in an area where the rocks of the church driveway were built up. I dug through about eight inches of rock and earth to find this awesome cap gun – a Kilgore Pal, circa 1953-55. It came out of the ground with this beautiful finish … and the hammer still cocks and fires!

About twenty minutes later I dug this badge from the back yard of the house, about fifty feet away from the pistol. It says, “Junior Police.” Could they be part of the same set? Could be …

Here are the locations and their proximity to one another.

The next afternoon I dug this beautiful 14K “mother’s ring” at about two inches, right next to the sidewalk. My wife modeled it for me.

I also found two silver Roosevelt dimes and a silver Washington quarter, a 1945P (partial silver) nickel, six wheaties, and about a buck in clad … plus lots of miscellaneous junk. Not bad for my first two “real” days out. I’m hooked!