It was a day of firsts for me …

This afternoon I stole away for a couple of hours to hunt the property next door to where I made my first silver finds. it is another WWII era home. Definitely virgin ground – signals all over the place.

I wasn’t there five minutes when I found my first coin – a 1946 wheatie. About ten minutes later I caught a whisper of a coin signal and dug deep. I finally made contact with my pinpointer and felt my heart jump into my throat when I rolled over a silver dime with that beautiful Barber head on it. A 1912! My oldest coin in my three-week MDing career.¬† My first Barber.

I also found my first Buffalo Nickel – I believe it’s a 1920, but it’s going into the olive oil for a while just to be sure.

And I found my first-ever half-dollar. A 1971-D Kennedy. Clad, but hey – it’s worth 50 cents!

I finished out the day with a ho-hum 1977-D penny. And I finally gave up. Two hours in the 35 degree weater and wind were all I could take.

Here is a pic of my finds today. Enjoy!