I have pretty much spent all of my time these last three weeks in two very small yards in an older part of my hometown. Here is a picture of the humble little yards.

They are truly very small – only about a 20 x 30 piece of ground on each side of the front door walkways. The far house is actually smaller. Yet, despite their diminutive sizes, they have yielded about twenty coins … five of them silver … prior to today.

So I decided to hit them one more time. I caught temps around 45, grabbed my stuff, and took off. I hunted for about three hours this afternoon. Less than five minutes after I arrived I hit another good signal beside the sidewalk. I had to dig deep, and actually had to angle underneath the sidewalk a bit. But I finally found my target – a beautiful 1947 Roosevelt dime. Another silver coin! That makes four outings in a row (not counting the couple of hours I tried at the old house owned by the school) that I have struck silver. (Still having a bit of an “out of body” experience. )

After about an hour I hit another good signal behind the foreground house … then another … and then another. I dug three clad quarters within five minutes, all of them within this tiny spot between the driveway and two walkways.

Two are 1965’s (the year of my birth) and the other is a 1983 (the year I graduated high school). Pretty cool.

So … all in all another great silver-yielding day. The weathermen are saying that we’re in for an ice storm over the next few days, so it may be a while before I can hunt again.

Here are my finds from today …

BTW … the Lesche Digger is awesome!