It’s cloudy and cold in Western Kentucky. We still have a little sleet/snow on the ground, but everything is starting to melt. I caught temperatures around forty degrees, so I donned my coveralls and headed out to hunt a new site.

I spent about 2 1/2 working the yard of this house. It lies on Main Street in my hometown. It’s actually owned by the school system and used for one of their office buildings. I’m not sure of the year of construction, but it looks to me like maybe the 1920’s, if not sooner.

I was getting a bit frustrated with all clad. I was sure that this yard should be holding some silver. Then I hit a good signal along the near side (photo) of the walkway. I did the happy dance when I pulled my first Mercury Dime (1940-S) out of the ground. A short time later I found a 1944 Washington Quarter near a large tree (left side of photo). Here’s the silver.

And here is my overall take, including $1.58 in clad and a brand new torch lighter.

I’m not sure what the four thingies at the top of the picture are.

Altogether an AWESOME 2 1/2 hours … despite the snow, mud, and cold. Can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.