I visited the in-laws over the past three days. While I was in Memphis, I got permission to hunt the grounds of Cordova Baptist Church. Here’s a picture:
I served as Youth Pastor at this church from 1990 until 1995 and remain good friends with the pastor. He gave me free run of the place. There has been a church building on this foundation since 1910. Two previous buildings burned. The current facility includes buildings constructed from the 1950’s through the early 1970’s. The church also owns four or five old home sites and a large public park area.
I searched all four and pretty much struck out. Hunted hard for four hours. There is an unbelievable amount of can slaw on the grounds, most about nickel size … and reading as nickels on my MD. Very frustrating. I did not find a single coin along any of the walkways leading to the front of the building, or in the front lawn. It is almost impossible for me to believe that there was never any historical coinage buried in that ground. I can only conclude that it has been well-hunted in previous days.
So much for hunting near a large city. I’ll stick to my little town.
Here is a pic of my whopping finds. 59 cents in clad (the four tarnished pennies came out of the same hole) and a button. I have identified it as a late twentieth century old-lady coat button. Lost in action.

I found the shiny Lincoln this morning on the tot lot across from the in-laws home, in between rain showers this morning. I’ll have to hit that place again when I return.

Hope everyone else has better luck over the holidays.

NOOB: Hunting Since 11.24.08 / Garrett GTP 1350 & Bounty Hunter Quicksilver / Oldest Coin – 1912 Barber Dime / Silver Coins – 8 / Coin Count – 133/ Clad Total – $12.00 / Ring Count – 2

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