So I woke up this morning hankering to hunt, only I wasn’t sure where to go. I finally decided to hit this humble little yard one more time. (The sweetest little 85-year-old woman lives there, and she loves it when I stop by.)

This little yard has been good to me … it already gave me five silver coins and five wheaties. But I had never hunted it with my new Garrett GTP 1350, so I decided to try one more time. Boy, was I glad.

In a short three hours this yard gifted me with six new silver coins, four Mercury dimes (1919, 1941-D, 1941-S, 1942) and two Washington quarters (1942 & 1954). Unbelievably, the two 1941 Mercs and the 1942 Washington came out of the same hole! And the 1942 Merc and 1954 Washington came out of the same hole! The heavily-worn 1919 came out of its own hole. My Garrett found it even though it was lodged against a large root. The yard also gave me three good Wheat Pennies (1924, 1927, 1944) and another 51 cents in clad. Here is a picture of my finds:

The ring appears to be copper. The silver plated spoon was every bit of ten inches deep in the back yard. Here’s a close-up of the ring.

Altogether, this little yard has yielded eleven silver coins. Unbelievable!

Then, since I was on a “silver high,” I decided to go back out this afternoon. My youngest daughter went with me, and we chose to hunt the tot lot at our local city park (our only city park). The lot is sand, so it is super easy to dig. 29 coins, most of them pennies, and all of them “new” money. But we also found this rockin’ old Matchbox car, and two rings. Here’s a picture of our finds:

The gold-colored ring is not gold. It’s a gum machine quality kid’s ring. But, hey, it’s still a ring. The other one, however, is a beautiful sterling silver rope ring. My kid claimed that one. Here’s a close-up:

Altogether, my day produced 48 coins (six of them silver), three rings (one of them silver), and $1.81 in clad.

Makes me want to go swingin’ again tomorrow!

NOOB: Hunting Since 11.24.08 / Garrett GTP 1350 & Pro Pointer / Oldest Coin – 1912 Barber Dime / Silver Coins – 14 / Coin Count – 181/ Clad Total – $13.81 / Ring Count – 5