I went with a friend of mine to hunt his family’s homeplace this afternoon. His family migrated to Trigg County, Kentucky, from Virginia sometime in the mid-1800’s. The family has retained ownership of two acres with the original homeplace and family cemetery.

Here is a picture of the original home site.

The cemetery is very close, just down the hill.

And here is a picture of my finds. Two Lincolns, two buttons, a buckle, and an unidentified “whatzit.” It was a very difficult place to hunt. Lots of junk metal all over the place. And I think the land has been slightly bolldozed.

Here is a close-up of the two buttons. I’m not sure about the one on the left. The button to the right has an elk on it ans says, “Elk Brand.” Interestingly, “Elk Brand,” is a line of clothing, primarily blue jeans, manufactured in this county for most of the 20th century. I assume that the button came off of an old pair of jeans. I’m going to take it by the company offices this week and see if they recognize it.

I would appreciate any help in identifying the button on the left. (Both are 17mm in diameter).

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