An all-round great day. My highest coin total ever, and some wheaties and silver to boot!

Here’s my story …

This morning I hunted a small section of ground outside the entrance of our local high school gymnasium. Here is a picture:

I hunted this small area (stayed inside the walkways) for 2 1/2 hours this morning and found 51 coins, all clad, totaling $4.13. I found a junker ring, too, but forgot to put it in the picture. Here are my finds:

This afternoon I hunted the front yard of one of my church members. The house was built in 1938, and I thought it should hold promise of silver and wheaties. Here is a picture:

Well … it didn’t disappoint …
I found 50 clads totaling $1.88. I also found 9 Wheat Pennies, including a 1927, 1946(2), 1946-D, 1947,1950-D, 1955-D(2), and a 1956-D. Interestingly, I found 22 pennies in one hole (a space approximately 12 x 12 inches).

I also struck silver on my first day out for the new year! I found a 1944 Merc in the hole with two wheaties. Then I found a 1946 Washington quarter as I was making my way to the truck to leave. Awesome!! I also dug a beautiful old brass skeleton key. Here is a picture of my finds, and a close-up of the silver, wheaties, and key.

Altogether for the day I dug 112 coins. $6.01 in clad, two silvers, and nine wheaties.

I’ll take that for a start to 2009!