Not much luck today. I returned this morning to the yard where I found the silver yesterday. Worked over the front yard sections I didn’t get to yesterday, as well as one side and part of the back. These areas had lots more trash and very few good signals. Just a few copper Lincolns and a bit of clad.

Well, I got hungry, so I ran down to Sonic for some breakfast, then went down to the school gym. Thought I might hit the other side of the main walkway. But I had only been swinging about ten minutes when it started to rain. So I high-tailed it home. Might go back this afternoon, depending on the rain.

Anyhow … I didn’t find much. 19 clad coins totaling $1.04 and one Wheat Cent. Interestingly, it was the first coin I dug after arriving at the school. It’s a 1945.

Here’s a picture of my finds, including a rabies tag. Pretty cool.

And here’s a close-up of the wheatie and the rabies tag.

Kentucky Coinshooter

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