I tried to find evidence of the battle at Canton, Kentucky. I described the area in a previous thread. I hunted the top of the bluffs south of the modern-day bridge.

But I couldn’t really find anything. It turns out that some genius bull-dozed the entire place in the 1970’s. I’m told that there were several Indian mounds on that side that were simply pushed over the bluff into the lake. Unbelievable.

But I did find this awesome chain at about 5 inches in depth. It is 56 inches in total length, and the links are pretty large (see the penny and dime I found as a reference). Here’s a picture:

One link in the chain is different. It has a pivot point. Here’s a close-up:

I don’t know if it is Civil War era, or what it was used for. I tend to think it has something to do with a wagon and a team. If anyone knows, please let me know.

**Update – I posted this on the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum and someone identified it as a “Chase Chain.”  It is, in fact, a rear chase chain.  I believe that it was an artillery chase chain … most likely used to pull a Confederate cannon to the skirmish/battle at Canton. 🙂