I got out for a couple of hours after work today. Hunted the yard of some friends of mine. Their house was built in 1951 … not very old, but my highest silver yield has come from a house built in 1950. I only managed to cover the front yard because I did quite a lot of digging … and I am a bit “hamstrung” while my Garrett Pro Pointer is still in the shop. I’m having to use by Bounty Hunter back-up, which is nowhere near as good.

All totaled I dug 28 coins … 10 clad quarters, 19 memorial pennies, and one Wheat Penny (barely … a 1958-D). Most of the clad is older – 60’s and 70’s. Been in the ground for a while. But there are a few Zincolns that are growing weird stuff. Our high-quality American coinage …

Here’s a picture for all you snowbound northern folk.

Tomorrow holds much more promise, though. I received permission last night to hunt the yard of a local Bed and Breakfast. (One of my old fishing buddies owns and operates the B&B … he’s done a bit of MD in days gone by, and has even been a CW re-enactor, which is really cool.) This huge Main Street home was built in 1903 by a prominent town doctor. I’m praying for piles of silver. I anticipate that it will take several days to thoroughly hunt this large property.