I spent six hours today hunting this house.

It is the Futrell House Bed and Breakfast, located on historic Main Street in Cadiz, Kentucky. The owner is a friend of mine, Gary Polete.

The house was built sometime in the 1870’s by a town physician. His twin brother, also a doctor, owned the house next door (to the left). I went there today with high expectations of silver … but it was not to be.
I managed to scrape 4 Wheat Pennies out of the ground – 1914, 1920, 1929, & 1958-D (a crying shame that 1914 didn’t have a “D” on it ), along with 15 other Lincoln memorials and two clad dimes (a grand total of 35 cents clad).

I was starting to think that the place has been hunted before, but as the day progressed and I began to find the Wheats, I started to wonder.

Then the cool relics started to appear.

First was this flat button. It still has green gilt over half the front. It measures 19 mm and reads, “EXTRA RICH GILT” on the back. It’s my first-ever flat button. I did the happy dance.

Then about an hour later I dug this button. I almost had an out-of-body experience. It is a 22mm uniform button with the state crest of Ohio on it. How did it come to be in this front yard? I have not a clue. I’m not quite sure of the period it came from, or what kind of uniform. I’ll post it in the identification section.

Then about a half-hour before dark I dug this little baby. It is an oxidized slug, single-groove, 9mm in diameter and 14mm in length. I’ve never seen one so small before.

SO, not a lot of coins, but plenty of awesome stuff. Enough to make me go back. I still have lots of yard to hit there. And Gary introduced me to the neighbors who own the other old doctor’s house. They gave me permission to hunt their property, too.

Here’s a picture of all my finds, including a copper-ish “whatsit.” Thanks for reading.