It’s been over two weeks since I’ve been able to do any MDing. Extreme cold, compounded by an ice storm, put the clamps on my swinging. But today we had sunshine and 61 degrees in Western Kentucky. Glory!!

So I got out for two hours at the end of the day. I hit a site where an early 20th century farmhouse has recently been torn down. It was tough hunting. Lots of junk, and lots of limbs and debris on the ground everywhere. But I found a few cool things in my short two hours.

I found an old pocketwatch (small) that had a little glass on it, but it crumbled and fell off as I lifted it from the ground. Also found 47 cents in clad, a brass thimble from a Monopoly game, a small metal ball that read as a penny on my Garrett, and a medal. Here’s a picture.

The coolest item of all is the medal. It appears to be copper, based on the red oxidation on the front and a small amount of green copper patina on the back. Interestingly, the entire medal apparently was electroplated with 14k gold (you can still see the gold on the details of the face). The back is stamped, “Guaranteed 14K Gold Plated.” I’m not sure what the medal was for. I tried to locate another one like it online, but was unsuccessful. Here’s a close-up.

Thanks for looking. It was great to finally get out after a two-week hiatus. But I’ll be hitting the ground hard tomorrow!!