I hunted for three hours this afternoon at a new location. It is a house built around 1900, and it is located next door to the house where I found my oldest coin. It is a rather large property, so it will take me several visits to hunt it thoroughly. I only finished a small portion of the front yard today.

The main difficulty is that there is lots of junk. I dug eight carcasses of matchbox cars (or matchbox knock-offs). I only managed a few cents in clad. Interestingly, I found four copper Lincolns neatly stacked upon one another in one hole. They all have a beautiful green copper patina. But I got skunked on old coinage and silver. None to be found.

But the prize-winner for my hunt today is this interesting whatzit. It measures approximately one and a half inches square, and appears to have had an encounter with a lawn mower.

It appears to be some form of jewelry with holes near each corner. One still has a ring attached. When I pulled it out of the hole, I thought, “Cool … Incan treasure.” Indeed, the face looks like the Incan warriors I have seen portrayed on pottery and art in Peru.

But when I turned it over I discovered that I really did find a piece of Incan treasure … a little .925 Peruvian silver!

Maybe I’ll discover some older coins tomorrow.