It was mighty cold today, but a beautiful sun-filled day. So I set out to hit a couple of tot lots in a nearby town. I’ve had my eye on them for a while, and I knew they would be easy digs after all of the heavy freezes we’ve been having.

Well, I had a GREAT day for me. I found 107 coins total, $6.01 in clad (including eight nickels, most ever for me). But I’m most excited about the extra stuff.

I found a live round, 9mm Luger. I also found a cool key pendant and an eagle pendant. I found one ring (strictly junk) with a black stone. And the star is pretty interesting … maybe a general was playing in the tot lot?!!

But the best stuff is at the bottom.

I found a small, smooth, round pendant stamped 925 MEX. Cool! Sterling!

But the earring is the one I’m holding my breath for. I can’t find any stamp on the mount, but it appears to be gold (the mount for the post is very soft, the metal allows it to move). I will be getting the stone checked out tomorrow. My wife says that it is not a real diamond. I asked her how she knew, and she said, “Because you found it on a playground.” I think there may be a flaw in her logic.

I’m working on the assumption that it is not a real diamond. But if it is … it is HUGE. (I’ve included a dime for reference.)

Here are my pictures. Thanks for looking. It was GREAT to get out today!

***UPDATE — The diamond is a fake.  Oh, well … 😦