So … I’m getting ready to leave town for a while. I have some doctoral seminars starting next Monday in Portland. And they say the weather is going to turn nasty on Saturday. So, I decided to make this an all-day MD marathon.

Since I needed to visit the jeweler in a nearby town to check out my (non)diamond from the other day, I went ahead and hit a couple of city park tot lots. Had some good digs.

80 coins for a total of $4.67 in clad.

But the real fun came this afternoon …

Yesterday, while talking to a woman at our local hospital, I found out about a place close to downtown Cadiz, right on the banks of the Little River. There were once several large, majestic homes along the old street that runs by the river. It is public land now, and part of it was altered when the new highway came through town. But the old sidewalk is still in place, and there are old walkways leading to the original home sites.

I drove to the spot yesterday and started foaming at the mouth … I had to get at it. But I thought that it most surely has been hunted before.

So I was most excited and anxious when I parked and began hunting this afternoon. I hadn’t been out of my truck five minutes, and had only walked about ten feet along the old sidewalk when I hit a loud quarter signal at four inches. I cut a plug, and saw this piece of sweetness staring at me from the bottom of it …

A 1916-D, in Fine condition (based upon the LIBERTY on the headband). A little silver tarnish/discoloration, but still a beautiful coin. My first Barber quarter!!! Needles to say, I did the happy dance.

But hunt as I might, that was the only piece of silver that I found this afternoon. But I was only able to hunt a portion of what used to be a front yard. I know there’s more there. But it is a HUGE piece of ground. It will take me weeks to hunt it well.

But in that one yard I found these 8 wheaties …

1916, 1925, 1927, 1930, 1945, 1950, 1952-D (x2)
Gets my Wheat count up to 30 so far in 2009.

I also found this completely awesome Rotary Medallion … a 50-year memorial given in 1955.

Altogether, it was an awesome, awesome day! My back hurts really bad, but it was worth it.

Thanks for looking!