I was desperate to hunt this afternoon, but consider myself to be somewhat “out of good spots” to hunt. So, I decided to head down to one of my trusty old spots that has produced for me before.

The ground was full of junk. I mean, full of junk. But in a large clear area I noticed a rough circle of stones that was slightly elevated. So, I says to myself, “That looks like an old foundation or cellar hole.” So I slowed down and really started to hunt the spot.

The first thing I found was a gorgeous piece of monogrammed sterling silver jewelry … a hairpiece or something. I’ll have to get some help on identification later.

But about a half hour later I hit on a signal that my Garrett ID’d as a half-dollar at two inches. I dug, and out popped a Draped Bust Large Cent! Boys, the dance was ugly. It was my first U.S. large copper. I would learn later at home, under bright light and magnification, that it is an 1801!!!

Then … about a half-hour later, I hit another similar signal. This one, also at two inches, was an 1851 large cent! My heart jumped into my throat because I thought for a moment, when I saw the head, that it was a gold coin …

Anyhow … it was an awesome afternoon. Two large coppers on a single hunt (and until today I had never found one). I’m still shaking. And I almost forgot about the undated wheat penny I found, #99 for me this year!

Here are the front and back pics … the 1801 Draped Bust is on the left, and the 1851 is on the right …

What an awesome afternoon! Thanks for looking!


Garrett GTP 1350 / Oldest Coin – 1801 Draped Bust Large Cent / Silver Coins – 37 / Coin Count – 1,581 / Clad Total – $111.19