I got out for about three hours today. I received permission to hunt a small parcel of land that is next door to our local flower shop. There was once an apartment building on this rather steep piece of property. The only suitable place for hunting was about eight feet along the sidewalk … after that it dropped off dramatically and was covered by very high weeds.

Amazingly, I did not find a single wheat penny. But I did manage one little piece of sweetness … a 1935 Washington that was right next to the old walkway. It was at about five inches, and masked by a nail that was located above it. Kept giving a bouncy mixed signal, but I dug anyway and … presto … my oldest Washington to date!

Other cool finds included this very vintage pull tab, a Special Police 711 Tootsie Toy badge, and a play nickel dated 1950. I’m not sure what the melted blob is …

Here are my pics, with a close-up of the lovely Washington. He is my first silver coin as I inaugurate my second year of metal detecting (dug 40 in my first full year). Now, if I can only dig one every weekend …

Garrett GTP 1350 / Oldest Coin – 1801 Draped Bust Large Cent / Silver Coins – 41 / Coin Count – 1,664 / Clad Total – $120.05