My daughter, Katie, just revealed to me this past weekend that she lost a sterling silver heirloom ring given to her by her grandmother. Grammy (that’s what she calls her grandma) apparently wore this ring in her youth. In fact, on Thanksgiving Day Grammy warned her, “Do not lose that ring!”

But it was already lost. She believed that she lost it in a classmate’s yard where they were posing for senior year pictures. So, Katie and I set out right after she was finished with school today to hunt for the lost ring in a sea of leaves. I dusted off and batteried up my old Bounty Hunter Quicksilver for her to use.

When we arrived we were horrified to see the landscaper hard at work blowing and vacuuming leaves. We jumped out of the truck, suited up, and got to work.

About 15 minutes into the hunt I hit a beautiful silver tone. When I cleared the leaves to get down to the signal, it had moved with the leaves. I suspected that I was on the target … and reached down to sift through the leaves. And there it was! Grammy’s old ring.

Katie’s friend snapped a picture of us in our metal detecting equipment …

And here’s my happy girl … thoroughly relieved that her lost treasure had been found.

All in all, an awesome MDing afternoon. I told Katie that I have never been more proud of a find.

Garrett GTP 1350 / Oldest Coin – 1801 Draped Bust Large Cent / Silver Coins – 48 / Coin Count – 1,933 / Clad Total – $139.23