Well, Katie and I were at it again today. We had planned to spend the afternoon at our old hotel site. But we had the opportunity to hunt the property surrounding the second oldest existing home in our county … constructed between 1828 and 1832. It is a very historic site, once occupied by a confederate general who defended the property while all of the other surrounding homes and businesses were burned by Union forces.

So we jumped on it.

We had been hunting about a half-hour and had not found a lot. (I was breaking in my new MXT). Then I finally picked up a good signal that wasn’t trash, and dug a chewed piece of oxidized lead at three inches. Here it is, with the clad dime that I found nearby for perspective.

I swear, I think that is a solid molar mark on the right side.

Well, we were hunting along and praying for silver when the homeowner came out to see us. I could see on his face that something was wrong. He very apologetically asked me if we could stop for today and call him in a couple of weeks. His children and grandchildren are headed in next week, and one of his kids bought him a little detector, and wants to help him figure out how to use it. He assured me that they would probably not be able to find anything … and that I should get in contact with him in a couple of weeks.

I graciously, said, “Of course … no problem.” And we packed it up and headed back to the hotel site.

On the way, Katie said to me, “So we just got kicked out, right?” I said, “Yes, but not in a bad way … the door is still open for us.”

She said, “It’s cool … I wasn’t finding anything anyway.” (She’d only found a 1982 penny … she’s spoiled rotten, I think.)

So we hit the old hotel site. A few minutes in, Katie found this awesome old axe head.

Then, just when I thought neither of us was going to score an old coin, Katie called me over to look into her hole.

It was a very old Lincoln. Encrusted in green. We couldn’t make out a date in the field, so we snapped a pic, Katie dropped in in her apron, and we kept searching.

When we got home we did a little warm peroxide bath and coaxed a 1920 date off of the Lincoln. But it’s in pretty rough shape. Here’s a home pic of her axe and penny.

So, she did find one old coin … just a mild skunkin’ on her old Daddy.

Maybe I’ll get her next time.

Garrett GTP 1350 & PP, Whites MXT / Oldest Coin – 1801 Draped Bust Large Cent / Silver Coins – 49 / Coin Count – 2,007 / Clad Total – $143.53