Katie and I hit our old hotel site for a couple of hours this afternoon. It was tough hunting. It was warmer than it has been for days … about 40 degrees and sunshine. But there was still a little snow on the ground, and the ground was really soaked and muddy. Wet, muddy fingers made for much misery – especially for Katie. She gave up about a half-hour before I did and just watched me dig. 

Unfortunately, she didn’t find anything.

I wasn’t making any great discoveries, either. I did hit on a whisper of a 77 VDI signal at about eight inches and got really excited … but it turned out to be an old buckle. I also dug an odd-shaped brass piece, a melted-looking whatzit, and another marked lead seal (third one I’ve found on this site … not sure what they’re for).

Right before we left, I hit on an 80/82 VDI at four inches deep and thought I was onto a dime. I finally located the target in my plug …

You can see my excitement when I realized that I had dug a token.

Here’s a close-up fresh out of the hole.

I snapped close-ups at home.

It’s a pretty incredible little piece, really. It’s from the “City Pool and Billiards Parlor,” apparently located in Andalusia, Alabama. That’s 450 miles away from the hillside where I dug it! The 5-cent token also includes the name, “Ben W. Hadley.”

Here is a pic of all my finds today.

So … finally! I have a good find and Katie gets a minor skunkin.’

I think we might wait for a little bit drier weather before we get out again.

Garrett GTP 1350 & PP, Whites MXT / Oldest Coin – 1801 Draped Bust Large Cent / Silver Coins – 49 / Coin Count – 2,007 / Clad Total – $143.53