Here’s the video I promised!
I went back to my 19th Century home site … the place where I have dug 1801 and 1851 large coppers, as well as last week’s 1892-O Barber dime.


I started my 2 1/2 hour hunt on the back part of the old property, away from the road. I hunted about an hour with nothing to show for it but trash. Then I hit a really solid signal bouncing 42-43. I automatically thought, “3-cent piece,” and dug.

But it wasn’t a coin … it was a button. A military button. Like all other targets on this site, it was shallow … a mere inch deep. And when I saw the “S” and “A,” I automatically thought … “Oh, a USA military button.”

Here’s the button in its hole …

I assumed that it was early 20th century because of the rust on the back. But, at least, the shank was still attached. I dropped it in my apron and kept hunting.

I didn’t find anything else but a few lead pieces and a Zincoln.

But my real, Holy Crap!, out-of-body experience came when I got home and rinsed my button in the sink. It was at that point when I saw this …

Un-friggin-believable …

I welcome any info that anyone would have on this button. It appears to be a general service issue. I was a bit thrown by the back, which was encrusted with iron, but with the shank still intact. Here’s the back.

Needless to say, it made my day.

I filmed a video for the Youtube channel. It’s cut and uploading now. I’ll edit the post and add it as soon as it’s available.

Thanks for looking!

Garrett GTP 1350 & PP, Whites MXT / Oldest Coin – 1801 Draped Bust Large Cent / Silver Coins – 50 / Coin Count – 2,032 / Clad Total – $144.37