I dug this curious brass piece this afternoon at the site where I dug the CSA General Service Button last week. It is one of the deeper items that I have found on the site. It was approximately five inches deep, and most difficult to get to since it was beneath a network of rather large roots.

Here is the picture of one side of the piece. I have included an Indian Head penny for perspective. Notice the pattern on the surface …

Here are close-ups of the pattern. Here is the upper portion. Notice the banner-like tabs at the bottom … 8 of them … each with a star.

This is a close-up of the lower, separate, part of the pattern.

And, finally, here is the reverse side. It seems to be smooth, absent any pattern. Interestingly, though, this side does have one tiny spot with some gold-colored gilt on it. I circled the spot …

So … any ideas? Might this be a military item?

Any help or suggestions would be most welcome.



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