(***Video Added***)

I went back to my old hotel site for two hours just before dark today. This time I went with my little sniper coil on my MXT.

The tiny coil really did its work.

My first two targets were lead seals, apparently used to seal wires on feed sacks (at least, that’s what I’ve had explained to me.)

My two penny digs were a nice 1903 Indian Head and a 1918 Wheat Penny.

In addition, I dug this incredible buckle with “NC” on it. I didn’t even realize it was a buckle in the field … it was tightly encrusted with dirt. So, I didn’t even film it when I found it …

Here’s a picture of the total haul, including some miscellaneous lead pieces.

Will load a video for today as soon as I edit and render it.

Thanks for looking! Hoping your ground thaws soon.