Well, the snow is moving in tonight, so I decided to get out for a couple of hours before I get snowed in.

I returned to my old hotel site that has been so good to me over the past couple of months. I took my sniper coil on my MXT, hoping to sniff out some goodies from among the many pieces of ground trash.

Here are my digs:

The spoon is pretty amazing. It’s nothing special … was at one time silver plated … but what makes it so special is the stamp on the handle!

This old monogrammed spoon from the Cerulean Hotel survived the fire of 1925 and remained buried on this site until today. Pretty cool.

The big hunks of lead are just that … big hunks of lead. More material for my buddy James to make jig heads for bass fishing. Oh … and I found yet another lead seal.

Here are my two coin finds: a 1905 Indian and another 1918 Wheat Penny. The Indian is in great shape, with a full LIBERTY on the headband.

I’ll add a video in the morning. My YouTube upload failed from an “Unknown Error.” Dang it.

Thanks for looking! HH

Garrett GTP 1350 & PP, Whites MXT / Oldest Coin – 1801 Draped Bust Large Cent / Silver Coins – 50 / Coin Count – 2,044 / Clad Total – $144.69