Well, I went back to my old hotel site this afternoon. That site has given me five indians, a couple of wheaties, and one barber dime. My daughter has also dug an indian, a couple of wheats, and a three-cent piece.

This site is sort of “low yield – high quality,” if you know what I mean. Not many targets, but everything is guaranteed to be old … since the place burned down in 1925.

Anyhow … I have a confession to make. On the way to the site I prayed. Actually, a lot of you know that I am a pastor, so I’m no stanger to prayer. But on this particular day, I prayed very specifically, “Lord, please let me find something absolutely incredible today.”

And the Lord sure does move in mysterious ways …

I had been digging for about a half hour on the hill descending from the back of the hotel site. I hit a nice strong 76 signal on my MXT, and it said it was only 2 inches deep, so I shoveled over a large plug and began to break it up with my fingers. My heart hit my throat when I saw blackened (i.e. OLD) silver … and the right-facing bust of a woman. I rinsed with a little water and saw the date … 1805.

I just about poooed me overalls …

I had dug that unbelievable find! An 1805 Draped Bust dime. It is oversized compared to modern dimes (19mm) and razor thin. Unfortunately, the back looks like it was scratched by something long ago … perhaps a plow. But enough talk! Here are the pictures!!

Since the date shows and the outline of the bust is clear, it graces as a “Good,” which the Red Book showed as a $475 coin in my 2009 version … I’m guessing it’s a $500 coin today.


About 3-5 feet away I dug a perfect musket ball drop. I’ll be getting it measured with the calipers tomorrow.

I also dug a really nice flat button with shank attached. It treads, “Best Quality London.”

I also dug a really rough 1900 Indian Head, an old kid’s play spur, and what appears to me to be a piece from an old colonial buckle.

Here’s a pic of the whole pouch …

Thanks for looking! I shot video, but it will take me a while to edit and upload. Should be ready for viewing by tomorrow morning. I’ll post a link to my channel.

Blessings to all.