Well … let’s get started with the newest episode of Kentucky Diggin’!

I hunted yesterday for a couple of hours at an old homestead house.  No joy on that one.  Dug a 1942 Wheatie and some relics, but nothing earth-shattering.

So, this afternoon, I went back to my old hotel.  I had only been hunting 20-25 minutes when I stumbled across this amazing find.  A U.S. Marine Corps uniform button!

I need some forum button “experts” to weigh in and tell me a date on this button.  It’s about 29.5 mm in diameter.

Two questions?  How old is it, and how can I clean it?

A few minutes later I dug this awesome spoon …

The back is marked, “Am’n Sterling Co.”  But it doesn’t look sterling.  Another mystery.  Here’s the mark …

Besides a pile of old trash and various “whatzits,” I did manage to pull my one and only coin for the day … an 1893-O Barber Dime!  It’s my fourth silver of the year (all dimes, and all in the 1800’s … interestingly enough), and the fifth silver found on this site.

Here are the pics …

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