Let’s start with the latest episode (#12) of Kentucky Diggin’

Well, I took a friend from church (Kevin) detecting this afternoon. He’s never detected before, so I trained him with my back-up ACE 250 and we headed for the field.

We hunted what we thought was an old homesite on a friend’s farm. There are several old graves there. The main tombstone shows that person died in 1834 … so it’s an old site. Also, there are several slave graves marked with plain stones.

After we started hunting, the landowner (Tim) went to talk to the little old lady who owns the pasture next to him to get permission for us to hunt there, as well. She informed Tim that it wasn’t an old home site. Instead, she said that it was an old one-room school/church … think “Little House on the Prairie.” She gave consent for us to hut there, so we started swinging in the grass. I was excited, because a church/school means more people traffic … and more opportunities for buttons, jewelry, and (of course!) coins.

But that wasn’t what I was finding. Kevin was digging his share of iron targets giving a false high VDI. I wasn’t digging much at all until I came across a toe plate.

Curious … I only associate toe plates with Civil War sites.

So I kept digging. Then I started digging reeds … first an accordion reed, then a harmonica reed, then a large piece of smashed lead.

In the back of my head, I dared to think that I might be on a Civil War site. Mind you, this spot is about one mile north of my hometown. We had activity here … the courthouse was overrun twice. Surely patrols moved and camped throughout the area.

But I wasn’t holding my breath …

Then a few minutes lated I dug this curious piece from under a large root. It gave an 86-87 VDI … high quarter range. It had a mysterious-looking heart on it. And I didn’t know what it was … figured it was a ladies’ belt buckle, a brooch, or something like that.

Here are pictures:

Like I said, I didn’t know what it was until I got home and did some research.

And I found this!

It’s identified on this relic site as a “2-Inch Lead-Filled U.S. Cavalry Heart Bridle Rosette!!!!”

It’s an authentic piece, dropped from a U.S. Cavalry horse!

Here’s another image of a clean pair from another site:

Before I left the field, I dug another toe plate. Here’s a pic of everything:

I can’t believe it!! I’m just stumbling onto good stuff!

So, now that I know what’s out there, I’m headed back on Tuesday with Western Kentucky Digger!