I am absolutely, completely, totally, out-of-my-mind thrilled and flabbergasted.

This hobby is so cool …

This afternoon, after several hours of research and writing, I decided to get out and enjoy the weather.  🙂  I took off at 3:00 in search of a place to detect.  I’ve had my eye on an empty lot in town for quite some time.  You see, there are many empty lots that people abandoned years ago and the city now keeps them up, cuts the grass, etc…  This lot is right on the “edge” of town and easy to access.  So I hit it.  I only had about two hours until dark, so I was moving pretty fast.

Boy, am I glad I did.

About 30 minutes into the hunt, I got a solid 45-47 VDI at about three inches of depth.  Intrigued (I hadn’t seen anything in that range up until that point today), I dug.  And out popped this gorgeous, golden, button!!

It is a New York State / Militia button!  The back mark is “Steele & Johnson.”  I’m no button expert, but with the little research I’ve done it looks to be authentic Civil War era.  Dropped by a New York Militia soldier right here in Cadiz, Kentucky.  Unbelievable!

I also dug a toe plate, which I normally associate with Civil War sites.  Perhaps this unit simply traveled down this road into town??

I dug some other interesting stuff besides the button.

This lovely 1900 Indian Head …

A nice old 1919 “greenie” Wheat Penny …

The oldest Rabies Tag I’ve ever found …

I also dug a curious looking key, a HUGE stick of pure lead, and another 11 coins totaling 53 cents in clad.  Here’s a total pic (minus the clad):

Thanks for looking!  Video will be rendered and posted in the morning!