I grabbed a couple of hours for a quick hunt this afternoon. I tried one yard near the spot where I found the New York button … but it was a complete wash. Just dug one Wheatie and 18 cents in clad.

So I decided to pack it up and head to one of my old “hunted out” spots. I’ve never been on this spot with my MXT. As it turns out, that machine is a real BEAST! It is killer on finding those Indians in the upper 40’s & lower 50’s VDI.

Besides two wheats (one an oldie … a 1911!), I pulled two indians from around 6-7 inches each.

The first was this lovely 1892 …

Then I dug this really weird 1898, which looks like it actually has some mint luster on it!!

Here’s a pic of my total finds … notice how the pennies make me smile.

Thanks for looking!