Let’s start with Episode #16 of Kentucky Diggin’, from the Kentucky Shooter YouTube Network.  😉

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  I’ve been hunting, but usually for really short hunts, and usually with little to show for it. 😦

Yesterday I got out for a couple of hours right before dark.  I decided to take my MXT back to an old lot that I have hunted 2 or 3 times with my Garrett GTP 1350.  It seems that every place I return to with the new machine yields Indian Head pennies.  The MXT is a BEAST at finding them!

Once again, I wasn’t disappointed.  My very first target was a lovely, green 1904 Indian. Goodness, I love digging those beautiful ladies!

I dug a couple of old wheats, then hit a really sketchy nickel signal that jumped between 20 & 22 VDI.  I dug, and found this gorgeous 1942-P War Nickel!  Silver!!

The wheats were 1911, 1917, & 1919.  All oldies.  It was good to finally get on some decent targets, and to dig my 9th gold/silver find of the year.

Here’s a picture of the happy group, relieved to have been freed from their underground confinement …