My buddy Tim (one of my church members) called me today and asked me if I could help him.  He needed to find a deep water line in order to do some work on it.  He was reasonably sure that his telephone line was buried in the same trench, and was hoping that I could locate it with my detector.

So, I hopped in my vehicle and took off for his farm.  It only took about fifteen minutes to get onto a whisper of a straight-line signal.  So, Tim dug, and within seconds we saw the phone line … roughly 11-12 inches deep.  Then Tim proceeded with caution and a few minutes later we saw that beautiful, white PVC in the bottom of the hole … every bit of 30 inches deep.

Here’s a pic:

And here I am with my MXT, so proud that I could deliver some much-needed assistance to a friend!

The moral of this story?  Your detector can do a lot more than just find treasure.

Happy hunting!