Let’s start with my latest Kentucky Diggin’ video!

Well, I finally broke my 5-week metal detecting fast! I’ve been so busy with travel (international … with my church), planting my garden and fruit trees, opening my horrific swimming pool, cutting grass, you get the picture …

So, today I got out with Robert D., one of my church members. He just decided to take up the hobby and bought a brand spankin’ new Whites Spectra v3i. He’s never hunted before, so I took him to a local church property where I got permission to hunt.

We hunted together for about 2 1/2 hours yesterday morning, and I went back for about an hour before dark. All total, I dug 65 coins … $6.24 in clad, 4 wheaties, and 3 silvers.

Here is a pic of the silvers …

I also dug what appears to be a Civil War era coat weight and (perhaps) a hammered lead poker chip. Wasn’t expecting those kinds of finds.

My most interesting find during my late afternoon hunt was this old kid’s badge.

Robert did pretty well his first day out. He dug a few coins and a pretty good pile of pull tabs and trash. His third coin out of the ground was a 1959 Rosie! Silver on his first hunt! I think he’s hooked.

Anyhow, thanks for reading. Enjoy the video. And be sure to hit the “Subscribe” button while you’re on my Youtube page.