I managed to get out for a quick 2-hour hunt Monday afternoon.  I hit an area in the back of a church where I have permission to hunt.  There was SO MUCH trash that hunting was very difficult.

But, wouldn’t you know it … my very first target was silver!  A 1944 Washington quarter.  I was stoked, and ready to hit the spot with gusto.

Then I dug a most curious find … a weird 1900 medallion / badge from Memphis, Tennessee, commemorating the city’s population in 1900.  A strange find, indeed, for rural western Kentucky.  Obviously, it must be a relic from the original home on the site, since the church building was not constructed until 1957/58.

Here’s a pic … any info on its origin or purpose will be appreciated.

Then one last strange find.  It is a piece of lead, about 3 1/2 inches in length.  And it actually looks like someone heated and poured lead through a harmonica reed!  Has anyone ever seen anything like this?  Here are a front and top view?

Thanks for looking!