Well, I pretty much stunk right up until the last hunt today.  In two hunts I only found six Indian Heads and a 3-ringer.  No tokens.  No special prizes.  I was ticked and mighty frustrated.

I know … I know … pathetic.

But I will say this.  The fields for all of the hunts today were TINY!  The people running today’s hunt like smaller fields (for the sake of me, I don’t know why).  Fifty people with detectors running into each other, with detectors interfering and chattering with each other.  Drove me nuts.

But the last hunt today was the silver hunt.  They saved all silver dimes until the last hunt.  I chose a spot about half-way up the side of the field to start.  I got on my first couple of targets really fast, and was thrilled when I glanced up and saw that my lane was completely clear.  No one was coming toward me and no one had crossed my space yet.  So, in a matter of ten minutes, I dug twelve dimes!  Six Mercs and six Rosies.

Redeemed the day for me, as far as I’m concerned.  That makes 29 dimes and 16 Indians for me this week.

Here’s my pic of today’s loot …