Well, this morning started out with a big thud.

Robert and I arrived to find that the morning hunt was a “Poker Hunt.”  All hunters were divided into teams of five, and each went out one at a time to dig a coin with a playing card wrapped around it.  Translation:  I just got to dig one target.  😦  I dug the five of diamonds wrapped around an Andrew Johnson one dollar coin.  My team did manage a pair of fives, but we only came in fourth place.  The first three places received prizes.  Again … 😦

The second hunt of the day was tokens and Indian Head pennies.  I dug six Indian Heads and absolutely no tokens, ergo, no prizes.  Again, a big thud.

I hoped that I might redeem myself in the final hunt of the day.  It was an all silver and token hunt.  Reportedly, it would have the highest concentration of silvers for the entire week.  I managed to dig 12 silver dimes and two tokens.  For those tokens I received … get this … a set of meat scissors (who the heck thought that Dollar Tree meat scissors would make a good prize at a metal detecting competition?!!!!) and a 1988 U.S. Mint Uncirculated Coin Set.  That’s pretty cool.  Maybe I can sell it on EBay or something.

Anyhoo … here’s a picture of the total haul: