I had a great week this week. No decent coins to speak of, but I keep pulling curious relics out of this old Kentucky ground.My first (and coolest) find this week was on Monday. While hunting a familiar piece of ground, I got a sketchy but repeating signal at eight inches. By far the deepest target I’ve dug on the site.

I was mystified when I pulled this out of the ground …

Here’s a reverse view.
I had no clue what it was. A disc with a curious General Service eagle and a strangely wide shield. A FMDF member quickly identified it as a “sash” belt buckle from around 1855. It was marketed for both civilian and military use, and is apparently one of the rarer forms. He posted a picture of an intact buckle here …

Here is a picture of it in context, with several other (what I believe are) Civil War era artifacts from the same site:

Then yesterday I hunted for a short while at a couple of different sites. I hunted an old home site near a Civil War skirmish location with Western Kentucky Digger in the morning. I only found a very small, shankless, flat button.

Afterwards, I went downtown to our local park. It is SOOOOOOO trashy, so I was only digging deep targets. Then I got this solid 42-44 VDI signal at about 4 inches in depth. Flipped the plug and found this little baby!
It’s 15 mm, and either a Yankee cuff or kepi button. Still has a little gilt on it.

Here’s a pic with a ruler for perspective:

Curiously, it was a tin-back button, as evidenced by the rust …

This led me to have some authenticity doubts, since there have been re-enactments on this site for the last two years or so … but I have difficulty believing that a button could go that deep in that short a period of time. I’e consulted with a couple of local CW diggers, who have assured me that there were, indeed, tin-back versions of this size button, especially on the kepi hats. The ones I’ve talked to seem to think that it’s the real deal.

Pretty cool …

Here’s my latest video, with both of these finds and more. Enjoy, and HH!

Garrett GTP 1350 & PP, Whites MXT / Oldest Coin – 17** 1/4 Cut Spanish 8 Reale / Silver Coins – 120 / Coin Count – 2,453 / Clad Total – $168.38