I managed about an hour and a half of hunting right before dark yesterday.  And that’s not easy, considering that the Winter Solstice day (Dec. 21) is the shortest day of the year.  I am soooo tired of it getting dark at 4:30 here in beautiful Kentucky!

Anyhow … I hit another section of the very large schoolyard that I have been hunting this past couple of weeks.  Right now I’m just “cherry-picking” the higher VDI signals, trying to clear out the silver.  And so far my methodology has worked out just fine! 🙂

I added two more silver dimes, both (interestingly) 1964-D’s. Here they be:

That makes a total of 11 silver dimes from this school yard!  I just wish I knew where the quarters are hiding!!  Once again, I dug a pouch full of high VDI copper Lincolns.  Every one of them read 78-80 VDI, and some even gave a whisper of 81-82.  Must be the soil in this particular yard.  I dug close to $3 in clad, including a very fresh drop of four shiny quarters, right on top of the ground. (Not sure where those came from … this place has been abandoned for over 40 years.)

But my “banner find” for the day was one of my very last digs, right before it got too dark for me to see.  I got another 79 VDI and, expecting another 1960 Lincoln, was thrilled to roll over this gorgeous sterling Catholic four-way pendant medal.  It’s a little bigger than a quarter, with roughly the same mass (weight) as two dimes.  Here are front and back views:

It’s cool finding this piece of history, which has been in this ground for at least 40 … most likely for 50 … years.

And I might just be able to hit 100 silver/gold finds this year.  These account for finds #92-94.  If I can just pull out six more before next weekend!