We finally got some sunshine in Kentucky, so I got out to swing this afternoon at the “Dime School.” Before today I had dug 11 silver dimes (8 Rosies / 3 Mercs) and a sterling Catholic medal.

Chalk up two more today! Unbelievably, they were my first two targets out of the ground! One is my oldest find on the site … a 1936 Merc (nicely worn), and the other is a 1958-D Rosie. I also dug 6 wheats and $1.29 in old clad.

I’ll be hitting it again tomorrow afternoon, really slowing down and going for the gold signals!

These make silver/gold find #’s 95 & 96 for me in 2011! I only have three days to find four more and break 100!

Whites MXT & Garrett ProPointer / Oldest Coin – 17** 1/4 Cut Spanish 8 Reale / Silver Coins – 134 / Coin Count – 2,804 / Clad Total – $191.89