Yesterday I separated my pennies from my fake silver, worthless, American clad coinage that I dug this past year for tumbling.  I loaded the tumbler before bed last night, ready for rinsing and drying this morning.

I was quite shocked when I found this shiny little disc in with my junk clad.

It’s a 1943-P 40% silver War Nickel!  A surprise silver/gold find #98 for 2011!  I must have dug it on my last day of hunting, December 28, before bad weather and my kitchen paint job (one of my Christmas presents for my wife … along story) kicked in.  I dug a LOT of nickel signals that day and had a pouch full of nasty 5-centers.  I didn’t look at any of them very closely.  My bad …

The tumbler really did a number on that soft silver.  I can barely make out the date.

Oh, well … it just goes in with all my other “junk silver” anyways.  A nice surprise this morning, and I didn’t even have to go swinging to find it!

And I almost forgot … another surprise! I found a 1964-D silver Rosie in my daughter’s change last week.  I saw it laying on her dresser and thought that it looked suspiciously like silver.  I was right!  Bonus find!  I made the MXT “whump-whump” signal with my mouth as I waved my hand over the coin just to make it legal. 🙂  That was silver find #97 for me in 2011.

Here’s a picture …

Thanks for looking.  There’s still silver out there!  HH