Today I returned to the old hotel site where I have found some of my most incredible finds, namely my 1805 Draped Bust Dime and a 1/3 ounce 18k gold band from the 1880’s.  I’ve found several other silvers there, and lots of Indian Head pennies … but never any large coppers.

Anyhow … it’s been over a year since I hunted the site.  I took my hunting buddy Whiskey Delta to the location for the first time.  We had been there every bit of ten minutes when my new E-Trac howled at a coin target.  I was shocked (I mean, genuinely shocked) to flip over my plug and at two inches find this …

1806/7 King George III Halfpenny Reverse

1806/7 King George III Halfpenny Obverse (No Detail)

I had to make the identification based upon the reverse only.  As you can see, there is no detail on the obverse, except for the “D” and “G” at the 2:00 position … right were you would expect them.

It appears that someone took a punch to the face of King George … go figure.  🙂    But they still kept the halfpenny to spend.

I found this coin about 40 feet from the exact spot where I dug the 1805 Draped Bust Dime.  Both from exactly the same period!  Clearly, this was from a VERY early homestead on this spot.  The land was only settled around 1795-1800.  This would have been the real “frontier” of America around 1810.

I know some of you New England guys won’t be very impressed at all, but this is a HUGE find for my little part of the world … an ultra rarity.

Thanks for looking! HH