Hunting Buddy Whiskey Delta and I spent the day hunting a couple of old school sites near home.

He struck silver first, digging a small, thin, flattened sterling ring out on the old baseball field.

A few minutes later I got a jumpy signal in the silver dime / quarter range on my E-Trac. I cut my plug and out popped this baby!

It is a 1953 sterling class ring from the no-longer-existent Lacey Junior High School. The owner of this ring would now be around 72-73 years old!

The crest was actually off of the ring. I had to search deeper in the hole to find it, then I repaired and reattached it when I got home.

Here is a side view, with a beautiful masted ship or schooner.

Here is a shot of the maker’s stamp. I’ve researched the company and can find no records of it.

Now my research begins. There are initials inside the ring. I know a teacher who works at the school located on this site. I am hoping that they have some old yearbooks in the library. I just might be able to figure out an owner.

How cool would that be? Returning a junior high ring 60 years later …

Whiskey Delta had the find of the day, though. Just as we were getting ready to go he got a “squeaker” of a signal, nice and deep. He pulled a gorgeous, very worn and thin 1907 Barber Dime! He wid the Whiskey Delta ugly version of the happy dance.