I took my E-Trac to an old spot for about an hour and a half this afternoon.  I had declared it “hunted out” at least two years ago.  I wanted to see if the E-Trac would pick up anything I missed.

Boy … did it ever …

I dug a couple of bucks in old clad.  But the prize-winner was yet to come.  I got a perfect, stable 10-12 signal, so I dug … almost certain that I had found a nickel.  Instead I dug this little baby …

12.11.12 14k Gold Band

It’s a small, simple, bent and irregular wedding band.  It’s clearly marked 14k.

12.11.12 14k Close-Up

It weighed in at 2.6 grams of 14k gold, which amounts to .0487 ounces of pure gold … worth about $83.31 at today’s melt.

Gold Ring on Scale

Not bad for a short, cold-weather hunt!