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My latest video …

I haven’t had a lot of time to invest in getting onto new sites lately, so I returned to my old stand-by … the 1960’s school that has blessed me with 13 silver dimes and over 250 coins.

Once again, she came through for me.  I dug 50 coins total, including 6 wheaties and this little piece of sweetness – a 1947-D Rosie.

I’m on my way!

Happy hunting to all.

Yesterday I separated my pennies from my fake silver, worthless, American clad coinage that I dug this past year for tumbling.  I loaded the tumbler before bed last night, ready for rinsing and drying this morning.

I was quite shocked when I found this shiny little disc in with my junk clad.

It’s a 1943-P 40% silver War Nickel!  A surprise silver/gold find #98 for 2011!  I must have dug it on my last day of hunting, December 28, before bad weather and my kitchen paint job (one of my Christmas presents for my wife … along story) kicked in.  I dug a LOT of nickel signals that day and had a pouch full of nasty 5-centers.  I didn’t look at any of them very closely.  My bad …

The tumbler really did a number on that soft silver.  I can barely make out the date.

Oh, well … it just goes in with all my other “junk silver” anyways.  A nice surprise this morning, and I didn’t even have to go swinging to find it!

And I almost forgot … another surprise! I found a 1964-D silver Rosie in my daughter’s change last week.  I saw it laying on her dresser and thought that it looked suspiciously like silver.  I was right!  Bonus find!  I made the MXT “whump-whump” signal with my mouth as I waved my hand over the coin just to make it legal. 🙂  That was silver find #97 for me in 2011.

Here’s a picture …

Thanks for looking.  There’s still silver out there!  HH

We finally got some sunshine in Kentucky, so I got out to swing this afternoon at the “Dime School.” Before today I had dug 11 silver dimes (8 Rosies / 3 Mercs) and a sterling Catholic medal.

Chalk up two more today! Unbelievably, they were my first two targets out of the ground! One is my oldest find on the site … a 1936 Merc (nicely worn), and the other is a 1958-D Rosie. I also dug 6 wheats and $1.29 in old clad.

I’ll be hitting it again tomorrow afternoon, really slowing down and going for the gold signals!

These make silver/gold find #’s 95 & 96 for me in 2011! I only have three days to find four more and break 100!

Whites MXT & Garrett ProPointer / Oldest Coin – 17** 1/4 Cut Spanish 8 Reale / Silver Coins – 134 / Coin Count – 2,804 / Clad Total – $191.89

I hit the jackpot this afternoon!  I went for a couple of hours to hunt an old school that I’ve been working lately.  It’s a school with an odd time period of use.  It was in operation from the early 1960’s until the early 1970’s, then it was closed down.  I found three silver dimes there last week.  Honestly, I didn’t hold out much hope for finding any more.

Boy, was I wrong!

I dug 8 wheat pennies …

And, curiously enough, I dug 3 old Canadian pennies from our Wheat Penny period …

But the real “goods” was the 6 silver dimes that I found!  All in a relatively small area!

I also dug a pretty good pile of clad.  Actually, there’s not a Zincoln in the bunch.  All of the pennies are genuine copper from the 1960’s.  Every one of them gave a really high / borderline dime VDI.  Frustrating …

I’ve been out on several short hunts lately. No stellar finds in recent weeks, but I have gotten onto a few decent digs.

Here is my latest video, with story and pics below.

I hit up an old school in my community that was only used for about 10 years. It was just after the “age of silver,” around 1965-1975 or so. I didn’t hold out much hope for finding anything good. But I managed to dig 57 coins, including 7 wheats and these two “bonus” silvers!

I also dug this old “Senior Key” from 1988. My heart skipped a beat when I rolled it over in my plug. I thought it was gold at first. It is initialed on the back, and with just a little detective work I managed to find out the name of the owner. She still lives here in this community. I’m waiting to get her number from a friend and reunite her with her lost jewelry this week.

Finally, yesterday I hunted a trusty cornfield with my buddy, Western KY Digger. I pulled several flat buttons, pieces of buckshot and various small lead pieces, as well as a brass o-ring and j-shaped hook. Hard digging, but lots of fun. Digger dug a rather large flat button and the biggest zouave button I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for reading and looking! I hope to have more for you next week. I’m working on permission for a couple of new spots.

Well, I pretty much stunk right up until the last hunt today.  In two hunts I only found six Indian Heads and a 3-ringer.  No tokens.  No special prizes.  I was ticked and mighty frustrated.

I know … I know … pathetic.

But I will say this.  The fields for all of the hunts today were TINY!  The people running today’s hunt like smaller fields (for the sake of me, I don’t know why).  Fifty people with detectors running into each other, with detectors interfering and chattering with each other.  Drove me nuts.

But the last hunt today was the silver hunt.  They saved all silver dimes until the last hunt.  I chose a spot about half-way up the side of the field to start.  I got on my first couple of targets really fast, and was thrilled when I glanced up and saw that my lane was completely clear.  No one was coming toward me and no one had crossed my space yet.  So, in a matter of ten minutes, I dug twelve dimes!  Six Mercs and six Rosies.

Redeemed the day for me, as far as I’m concerned.  That makes 29 dimes and 16 Indians for me this week.

Here’s my pic of today’s loot …

Well, I’ve never done any “competition” fast hunting before.  This was a first for me.  I’m quite accustomed to taking 3 or 4 hours to work a good sized yard.  So it blows my mind to see a 2 or 3 acre field cleared out in 15 minutes.  But that’s how things went today.

I must admit that I did pretty well … a lot better than I expected.  In three hunts, totaling about one hour total, I managed to pull 17 silver dimes and 10 Indian Head pennies. Here are my total finds:

I also dug four prize tokens, which earned me an 1834 Large Cent, a Beach Scoop (retail $12.95), two White’s Electronic hats, two water bottles, and other little White’s trinkets.  (White’s was the sponsor today …)  Here are those prizes:

I’ll be back at it tomorrow.  It’s Garrett day.  Hopefully, I’ll have lots more pictures then!  🙂

I took advantage of the gorgeous weather this afternoon and made a quick run to some of my old hunting grounds. I hunted an empty lot and the yard next door … I hunted both multiple times over a year ago with my old Garrett GTP 1350.

But my trusty MXT sniffed out three silvers, a 1951-D Wheat Penny, and another 32 cents in clad …  defnintely a GOOD silver day!  I was due.

I traveled back to the empty lot where I dug my silver war nickel last week.  About ten minutes into the hunt I found my first coin … a Buffalo!

Here it is – a 1936:

I also dug several pieces of lead / bullets, and a 1946 Jefferson nickel.  And this curious little piece …

It’s smaller than a dime, with a reeded edge, and marked, “Venus * Pat * Dec 10 67,” which I am assuming is December 10, 1867.  Any info would be appreciated.

But my prize find is this sweet baby … a 1944-P War Nickel!  My second one from this site in the past week!!

Here’s a summary picture of all the stuff:

Thanks for looking!