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What is It?

My heart fluttered a bit when I saw this in the hole!  Reeded edge, and all.  But, in the end I am left with a major “What’s it?”

Would appreciate any input or help …


I’ve Still Got It!

I’m sorry that I’ve been away for so long …

I’ve just had a lot of other stuff going on in my life the past year or so, and haven’t taken the time to get out and dig.

Well, I broke the fast on Wednesday.  I got out and hit a small yard of a rental home owned by some friends.  The house is from the 1930’s, but the spot is really old.  I’m confident that there was a LOT of other traffic on the site.

Alas, I found nothing really “old,” but I did dig a couple of silvers.  Here are the pics.


I got out for a couple of short hunts today.

This morning I met my buddy LEROY247 for a brief field hunt on an old homestead and Civil War skirmish site.  We were both hoping to find a little bit of old silver … but it was not to be.  We each found a couple of flat buttons, though.  You can see in the pic below that my big one still has some gilt on it!  It is marked “Silvester Birmingham.”  I did a little online research and found that there was, indeed a gentleman named Silvester who owned a button company in Birmingham, England, which he sold around 1850 to emigrate to Australia.  The other is a tiny oval-shaped button, evidently from a ladies’ garment.  It was very difficult to locate.

My coolest find this morning was the fired pistol ball (not sure of the caliber).  I also found a knapsack rivet, a brass spoon bowl, and a couple of pieces of buckshot.

This afternoon I returned to the church site where I’ve been digging the last few afternoons.  I dug 13 coins total, including three wheat pennies and a 1943-P War Nickel … MY 150TH SILVER COIN!!!

It was an awesome detecting day!

12.17.12 Finds

I returned today to the old church yard that is about to be paved over to make a parking lot for a new business.  We had a few brief showers early this morning, but I headed out as soon as the rain stopped.

I dug four silver coins from the yard last year, as well as a sterling ankle bracelet.  Yesterday I dug three small balls (hollow spheres) that had become separated from the bracelet that I found last year, as well as a silver Rosie.  So I was hoping that my new E-Trac would help me find some more.

I was NOT disappointed.  This machine is a silver-sniffing beast.  It smelled out two more Rosies, one a 1950-D and the other a 1959-D.

12.15.12 Roosevelt Dimes

Both were around six inches deep.  The first was on edge.  The second was about six inches from a rather large and noisy piece of ground trash.  It wouldn’t pinpoint because of the trash.  But I kept getting a hit with a high tone, so I dug under the high tone and there it was!  My MXT couldn’t lock on to that signal, but the E-Trac separated it out just fine.  I’m way impressed.

So … two more silvers rescued from the asphalt that is soon to come.  I’m going to try to finish hitting the spot early next week.  I’m still hoping for a couple more strays.

Thanks for looking!  HH!!

But I didn’t get any.  Not that I wasn’t trying …

You can tell that by my nickel total.

I tool my E-Trac to a site that I last hunted back in May 2011.   It is an old church yard.  The church has been sold and the yard is about to be paved.  So I thought that I would take the E-Trac to the spot and see if I missed anything.  I especially wanted to dig the deep, low tones.  I’m convinced that there has to be a piece of gold there somewhere!  Here is a big pic of my finds.

12.14.12 Finds

I only dug 15 coins total.  Seven of those were deep nickels.  Besides a little clad, I also dug one deep, green Wheat penny.  I also dug a junk WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) pin …  (I’m not always sure what Jesus would do, but I’m reasonably certain his pin would be gold.)  😉

My most interesting finds were the three tiny sterling silver balls.  I found them in about a five square foot area, all three in different holes.  None were closer than 18 inches from one another.  But my beastly E-Trac sniffed them right out … gave me an awesome high tone.  They all match a broken ankle bracelet that I dug back in May 2011.  On that day I found the short chain (marked .925) and 5 balls in the hole.  I’m pretty stoked to add another three silver targets to my 2012 total.  Here’s a close-up.

12.14.12 Sterling Balls

As darkness fell I was headed to my truck, swinging all the way … when I hit another awesome high tone.  I was thrilled when I turned over the plug and saw this little baby on the bottom of my plug.  It was shining … even in the dark.  🙂 It’s a 1946-D Rosie.

12.14.12 1946-D Rosie

Maybe I’ll get on the gold tomorrow.  I’ll just keep digging those good, low nickel tones …

Thanks for looking!

Kentucky Shooter

I made a new friend a couple of weeks ago.  While detecting in a nearby town a young man walked over to me and started talking.  About ten seconds into the conversation he asked me, “Aren’t you Kentucky Shooter?”

Blew my mind … someone actually watches my videos and reads my stuff.

Anyhow, we made a quick connection and talked about getting together to hunt.  So we finally made some time yesterday morning, right before a big shield of rain moved in.  Leroy247 took me to a spot that he got permission for on a large farm.  It’s an old homeplace settled in the late 1800’s and lived on through the 20th century.  He also has permission to hunt all the farm fields, which is way awesome.

He struck silver first, with a nice Mercury Dime.  And we each dug a sack full of wheaties (he had 9, I had 10) and a little clad.  Two of my Wheats were pretty old, a 1917 and a 1920 … nice and green.  I just happened to get my coil over a merc and two silver Washingtons.  My E-Trac howled over the silver, with a perfect 11-47 on both.  I called them before I dug them, which Leroy247 seemed to enjoy.

Here is a picture of my digs, including a junque ring and dragon pendant (that had me fooled for a second … thought I had found a HUGE chunk of silver), and the top to a “Safety First” condom can from back in the day.  Fun, fun.

12.06.12 Finds

Thanks for reading.  I hope to have the video ready tonight.

My latest video …

Today I returned to the old hotel site where I have found some of my most incredible finds, namely my 1805 Draped Bust Dime and a 1/3 ounce 18k gold band from the 1880’s.  I’ve found several other silvers there, and lots of Indian Head pennies … but never any large coppers.

Anyhow … it’s been over a year since I hunted the site.  I took my hunting buddy Whiskey Delta to the location for the first time.  We had been there every bit of ten minutes when my new E-Trac howled at a coin target.  I was shocked (I mean, genuinely shocked) to flip over my plug and at two inches find this …

1806/7 King George III Halfpenny Reverse

1806/7 King George III Halfpenny Obverse (No Detail)

I had to make the identification based upon the reverse only.  As you can see, there is no detail on the obverse, except for the “D” and “G” at the 2:00 position … right were you would expect them.

It appears that someone took a punch to the face of King George … go figure.  🙂    But they still kept the halfpenny to spend.

I found this coin about 40 feet from the exact spot where I dug the 1805 Draped Bust Dime.  Both from exactly the same period!  Clearly, this was from a VERY early homestead on this spot.  The land was only settled around 1795-1800.  This would have been the real “frontier” of America around 1810.

I know some of you New England guys won’t be very impressed at all, but this is a HUGE find for my little part of the world … an ultra rarity.

Thanks for looking! HH


Well, I just got my new Minelab E-Trac on Wednesday.  I took it out for about an hour yesterday afternoon to one of my “hunted out” spots.  Trust me, I’ve been swinging over this spot for three years … at least ten different detecting days.  But the E-Trac still found six coins.  No silver, but one was a 1940 nickel.  I was impressed.

This afternoon I visited another of my “hunted out” spots that I have blanketed with my MXT.  It’s an old school where I’ve dug 13 silver dimes, several pieces of jewelry, and about 250 coins overall.  Once again, I dug another 15 coins in less than an hour.  I’m even more impressed.

But the queen mother of impressive finds with my new machine was actually this morning.  I had to run an errand for my work in a nearby town.  While there, I hit an old park (established in 1914) that I’ve hunted about a dozen times.  I dug 25 coins that I had passed over before with my MXT.

This was one of them … a 1906 Edward VII Penny!

When I saw the large copper in the hole my heart jumped into my throat!  I’ve only found four other large coppers in all my years of hunting.  We just don’t have many here in the south.  It was a strange signal because there was a piece of iron as well as a pull tab in the hole with it.  I just assume that’s why I missed it before.  Unfortunately, it looks like I nicked it during the dig.  Oh, well, at least it was copper.

Doesn’t it figure that on Election Day 2012, I find a $ 1,000 in funny money?  How appropriate and prophetic …

Thank goodness that my $1,000 in “Fun Bucks” wasn’t all that I found.

I decided to take Election Day off and do some detecting with my new hunting buddy, Whiskey Delta.  We hit a couple of old school sites.  The first one was a location where a new school was built on the site of an old college.  Not a lot of targets there, but I did make some good finds.

I dug two low-range (VDI in mid-40’s) Indian Heads (1901 & 1906) and a completely toasted Buffalo Nickel.  Which says to me that the area was already cherry-picked for silver years ago and my finds were the result of digging deep, “iffy” targets.”

We covered the ground thoroughly then went around back and cleaned out the playground wood chips before leaving (why not make a little quick gas money, right?).

After a killer lunch at a local barbecue shack we headed out to the country to another old school.  The original part was built in the 20’s or 30’s, but new portions have been added on.  We located a piece of the yard that we hoped to be undisturbed and got at it.

It was a great spot.  When all was said and done we each had a sack full of pennies and nickels from the 40’s and 50’s.  (I dug 6 wheats myself.)  And we each got on silver!

Whiskey Delta struck silver first with a 1944-S War Nickel.  I followed with four silvers … a merc, a Rosie, and another two War Nickels!  We were a bit stumped by the concentration of War Nickels in such a small area.  But no complaints here!

So I ended the day my silvers and old pennies, a $1000 bill, and about $3 in clad.  And I had a blast!  It was great just to take a day off and dig with a friend.  Here’s a picture.

Finds from Election Day 2012

Thanks for reading.  HH.