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My latest video …

Well, I just got my new Minelab E-Trac on Wednesday.  I took it out for about an hour yesterday afternoon to one of my “hunted out” spots.  Trust me, I’ve been swinging over this spot for three years … at least ten different detecting days.  But the E-Trac still found six coins.  No silver, but one was a 1940 nickel.  I was impressed.

This afternoon I visited another of my “hunted out” spots that I have blanketed with my MXT.  It’s an old school where I’ve dug 13 silver dimes, several pieces of jewelry, and about 250 coins overall.  Once again, I dug another 15 coins in less than an hour.  I’m even more impressed.

But the queen mother of impressive finds with my new machine was actually this morning.  I had to run an errand for my work in a nearby town.  While there, I hit an old park (established in 1914) that I’ve hunted about a dozen times.  I dug 25 coins that I had passed over before with my MXT.

This was one of them … a 1906 Edward VII Penny!

When I saw the large copper in the hole my heart jumped into my throat!  I’ve only found four other large coppers in all my years of hunting.  We just don’t have many here in the south.  It was a strange signal because there was a piece of iron as well as a pull tab in the hole with it.  I just assume that’s why I missed it before.  Unfortunately, it looks like I nicked it during the dig.  Oh, well, at least it was copper.