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A Little Christmas Silver

I managed about an hour and a half of hunting right before dark yesterday.  And that’s not easy, considering that the Winter Solstice day (Dec. 21) is the shortest day of the year.  I am soooo tired of it getting dark at 4:30 here in beautiful Kentucky!

Anyhow … I hit another section of the very large schoolyard that I have been hunting this past couple of weeks.  Right now I’m just “cherry-picking” the higher VDI signals, trying to clear out the silver.  And so far my methodology has worked out just fine! 🙂

I added two more silver dimes, both (interestingly) 1964-D’s. Here they be:

That makes a total of 11 silver dimes from this school yard!  I just wish I knew where the quarters are hiding!!  Once again, I dug a pouch full of high VDI copper Lincolns.  Every one of them read 78-80 VDI, and some even gave a whisper of 81-82.  Must be the soil in this particular yard.  I dug close to $3 in clad, including a very fresh drop of four shiny quarters, right on top of the ground. (Not sure where those came from … this place has been abandoned for over 40 years.)

But my “banner find” for the day was one of my very last digs, right before it got too dark for me to see.  I got another 79 VDI and, expecting another 1960 Lincoln, was thrilled to roll over this gorgeous sterling Catholic four-way pendant medal.  It’s a little bigger than a quarter, with roughly the same mass (weight) as two dimes.  Here are front and back views:

It’s cool finding this piece of history, which has been in this ground for at least 40 … most likely for 50 … years.

And I might just be able to hit 100 silver/gold finds this year.  These account for finds #92-94.  If I can just pull out six more before next weekend!



Feature:  The New York State Militia Button!

Western Kentucky Digger invited me out to hunt with him at a Civil War skirmish site / old home site. Actually, there are multiple old home sites in these fields.

Anyhow, before I tell too much … here’s Kentucky Diggin’ – Episode 11!

I dug some flat buttons, a rivet, a piece off of a toe plate, some small pieces of flattened lead, and various other whatzits.

But the BIG war find for me was this 20mm Union Eagle Button! A first for me! Any info would be most appreciated …

Here’s a picture of the flat buttons and other stuff. I found one other “item,” but I’m saving that for another post.

Thanks for looking!

Marine Button Restoration Update

I’ve been working on my Marine Corps button for the past couple of days.  I was hoping to get rid of some of the crud and get a glimpse at some type of mark so that the forum button wizards can make an ID.

It looked like this out of the ground …

Now, here’s the fruit of all my labor …

And I did manage to squeak out a mark …   you can just see a “… S & CO …”

Eager for more info!  Thanks!

Let’s begin with my video from a couple of days worth of hunting …

I went looking for a change of scenery on Sunday. Decided to hunt an old homestead on the family farm of one of my church members. I hadn’t been there long before I dug a 1944 wheatie. That got me excited, knowing that silver has to be luring there somewhere.

A few minutes later, a well-meaning but uninformed relative of the land owner encouraged me to leave (pretty much ran me off). I didn’t put up any fight … just told her that it was no problem and that I would get everything cleared up. I made a call to my friend who rapidly ironed everything out. So, I’ll be heading back there soon. No worries …

Anyhow, I had about an hour before I had to be somewhere, so I went into town to hit an old lot that I hunted a year ago, but have not hit with my new MXT … I wanted to dig those lower VDI singals. Just managed a wheat and a 1967 Lincoln.

Then, yesterday I returned to the site of my old hotel. Here are the highlights of those digs:

I dug two more of the key tags!! Rooms 26 & 50! That makes three that I have dug on the site. Pretty awesome. Seriously, though, when I saw that first big disc I thought I was on an old copper. But the key tags are an awesome find.

Another interesting find was an old Frankfort Arms .45 bullet … not just the lead, but the fully encased, powdered and primed bullet. The head is marked, “FA 26.” Any info on the approximate age of this pistol round would be most appreciated. Here’s a close-up of the mark:

My final relic find was a 1920’s era (time of the fire) “Pompeian Bloom” lady’s rouge compact. It’s still hinged, and the hinge (unbelievable) still works! It was full of crud, and the mirror was gone. But I still found it to be an interesting find.

Finally, just as I was about to leave, I got a solid 57 VDI “screwcap” signal. On that hill, this usually means an Indian Head penny. Turns out this mean, green 1892 Injun was my only coin find for the day:

Here’s the total haul:

Thanks for looking! Enjoy the video. Stop by my channel and subscribe.

Happy Hunting!

Garrett GTP 1350 & PP, Whites MXT / Oldest Coin – 1801 Draped Bust Large Cent / Silver Coins – 52 / Coin Count – 2,051 / Clad Total – $144.70
I visited the in-laws over the past three days. While I was in Memphis, I got permission to hunt the grounds of Cordova Baptist Church. Here’s a picture:
I served as Youth Pastor at this church from 1990 until 1995 and remain good friends with the pastor. He gave me free run of the place. There has been a church building on this foundation since 1910. Two previous buildings burned. The current facility includes buildings constructed from the 1950’s through the early 1970’s. The church also owns four or five old home sites and a large public park area.
I searched all four and pretty much struck out. Hunted hard for four hours. There is an unbelievable amount of can slaw on the grounds, most about nickel size … and reading as nickels on my MD. Very frustrating. I did not find a single coin along any of the walkways leading to the front of the building, or in the front lawn. It is almost impossible for me to believe that there was never any historical coinage buried in that ground. I can only conclude that it has been well-hunted in previous days.
So much for hunting near a large city. I’ll stick to my little town.
Here is a pic of my whopping finds. 59 cents in clad (the four tarnished pennies came out of the same hole) and a button. I have identified it as a late twentieth century old-lady coat button. Lost in action.

I found the shiny Lincoln this morning on the tot lot across from the in-laws home, in between rain showers this morning. I’ll have to hit that place again when I return.

Hope everyone else has better luck over the holidays.

NOOB: Hunting Since 11.24.08 / Garrett GTP 1350 & Bounty Hunter Quicksilver / Oldest Coin – 1912 Barber Dime / Silver Coins – 8 / Coin Count – 133/ Clad Total – $12.00 / Ring Count – 2

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